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To Native-Instruments co.

Thank you for a great product Komplete14.

However, many instruments do not contain instructions.The list is as follows.

40s Very Own - Drums, 40s Very Own - Keys, Amati Viola, Amplified Funk, Analog Dreams, Anima Ascent, Aquarius Earth, Arcane Attic, Arkhis, Backyard Jams, Basement Era, Beam, Blocks Base, Blocks Primes, Body Mechanik, Bounce, Bump, Bumpin Flava, Burnt Hues, Byte Riot, Cavern Floor, Certified Gold, Charge, Circuit Halo, Community Drive, Conant Gardens, Concrete Sun, Crate Cuts, Decoded Forms, Deep Matter, Deft Lines, District Xeo, DJ Khalil, Drive, Drop Squad, Electric Touch, Empire Breaks, Ethereal Earth, Fade, Free Form, Glaze, Global Shake, Grey Forge, Guarneri Violin, Halcyon Sky, Haze, Hexagon Highway, Hybrid Keys, Ignition Code, Ignition Keys, Indigo Dust, Infamous Flow, Infinite Escape, Kino, Lazer Dice, Lilac Glare, Liquid Energy, Lo-Fi Glow, Lockdown Grind, London Grit, Lucid Mission, Lunar Echoes, Magnetic Coast, Massive X Factory, Mechanix, Melted Vibes, Meteoric Rise, Midnight Sunset, Modular Icons, Moebius, Mother Board, Motor Impact, Neo Boogie, Neon Drive, Nocturnal State, Opaline Drift, Our House, Pharlight, Platinum Bounce, Polar Flare, Pulse, Pulswerk, Pure Drip, Queensbridge Story, Quest, Rhythm Source, Rising Crescent, Rush, Sacred Futures, Sasha, Satin Looks, Scene, Sierra Grove, Solar Breeze, Soul Magic, Soul Sessions, Spectrum Quake, Stacks, Stadium Flex, Static Friction, Stradivari Cello, Street Swarm, System Clash, The Stereotypes, Timeless Glow, Trill Rays, Velvet Lounge, Wake, Warped Symmetry, Young Phantom

Of course, you think you can replace some of the instructions for a similar type of instrument, so you might skip it, but some users don't even know what that kind of instrument is.

The online manual is very useful to me. Because I can translate it into Korean through the translation site.

But Choir - Omnia's online manual address is wrong.

Please check.

You may have missed out on releasing too many instruments at once, but users need minimal instructions for these complex and difficult instruments.

Please supplement the missing instructions. Thank you.

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    Manuals can be accessed at the bottom of the product page. When scrolling down you will find the link to the pdf. For example for 40's Very Own Keys:

    Also, a lot of the mentioned products are actually expansions, so basically samples, Maschine kits and synth presets. They do not really require a dedicated manual.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Answer ✓

    You can also check all the online manuals available here:


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