Does anyone have a copy of Graincube?

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Can't seem to find this anywhere and any links are dead now. Does anyone have a copy, please?


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    Here it is at TwistedTools:

    DevSnd.GrainCube and DevSnd.LemurCube

    including manual

    Richard Devine has released GrainCube, a free granular electroacoustic Reaktor Collaboration between DevSnd, Rachmiel, TwistedTools & Antonio Blanca.

    GrainCube is a four part granular processing instrument with numerous randomizing functions and modulation capabilities that allow for indescribable sonic mischief.

    The heart of GrainCube is a 400mb sample map of exclusive sample material from Richard Devine & Josh Kay of DevineSound. GrainCube is a collaboration between DevineSound & Rick Scott (Rachmiel), with additional programming and GUI tweaks by Igor Shilov of Twisted Tools.

    An additional version is also available for the Jazzmutant Lemur, re-imagined by Antonio Blanca.

    On this page are 8 more free ensembles by TwistedTools:

    Allgorhythm, Buffeater_Lite, Chance, Cirklz, Colorstrip, Debris, Flakes and Sineblaster.

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    Ahh, I didn't see this page in my search. Thanks, Paule!

  • Paule
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    If you use the duck instead of google you'll find it.

    duckduckgo search machine

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