Maschine plus: how to load a one-shot in the audio plugin / load a loop in the sampler plugin

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It took me some time to figure it out and searching the posts here and the web did not help me so I decided to share my solution.

First the general use case :

  • when you load a one-shot it is usually loaded inside a sampler plugin
  • when you load a loop it is usually loaded inside an audio plugin

However, sometimes you load a one-shot or a loop and it is loaded in the wrong plugin (loop in the sampler or one-shot in the audio plugin). Why?

This seems to be because of these rules:

  • if the selected pad is empty or has no sampler or audio plugin, loading a loop or a one-shot will auto-add the correct plugin to the Sound and load the audio file into it (audio for loop, sampler for one-shot)
  • if the pad already has a sampler or audio plugin loaded, the audio file (loop or one-shot) will be loaded inside it. Therefore you may end up loading a one-shot into the audio plugin or a loop into the sampler plugin

Therefore, if you want to be sure that the correct plugin is selected (audio for loop, sampler for one-shot), delete what's in the pad first (in pad mode: SHIFT + ERASE + pad to erase), then load your one-shot / loop.

NB: if you don't want to delete the events linked to this pad, you may also go to the Plugin screen, remove the current plugin, then load your one-shot / loop to the pad.

What's nice is that this way you can force loading a one-shot inside the audio plugin (to get auto tempo, time stretch, etc. or when your sample is not tagged as a loop and is only available in the one-shots page) or a loop inside the sampler plugin:

Via the Plugin screen :

  • add an audio plugin to a pad, then load a one-shot to this pad
  • add a sampler plugin to a pad, then load a loop to this pad

And voilà!


  • badaz
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    I found an even simpler solution, I don't know why I hadn't thought about it before :

    • Load your one-shot or loop
    • Go to the Plug-In screen
    • Replace the audio plug-in "in place" with a sampler plug-in or
    • Replace the sampler plug-in "in place" with an audio plug-in

    The audio file loaded in the previous plugin is preserved

  • ozon
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    Thank you for adding this. When I read your instructions above, I thought directly loading Audio over Sampler or vice versa should work as well but wasn’t able to try it out.

    Great to see helpful posts like this!

  • D-One
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    If you load either the Sampler or Audio Plug first then any wav loaded to it will use what you picked.

  • tribepop
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    Yeah this is what I usually do when I load a loop from the browser but want to timestretch and chop it using the sampler.

    One important note though is, if you do timestretching in the sampler and then swap the device with an audio device it will not preserve the time stretching so you have to do an extra step and resample the pad with the sampler that’s timestretching so you can use an audio device in re-pitch mode since it’s at the correct BPM now.

    Does anyone know how to copy devices from a group or sound slot to another slot? For example, if I load a group from the browser into an existing group, it overwrites whatever devices I previously had in the group (e.g. EQs, filters, etc). I know I can create a preset for the device and then add it as needed but I don’t always want to create a new preset each time I wanna copy stuff between sounds or groups. I feel like I figured this out before (maybe in the SW) but I don’t remember how to do it.

  • badaz
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    I'm not sure I understood your question completely but I'd say select the pad where your source sound (with all plugins) is, then shift + copy, then select the destination pad then shift + paste ?

  • tribepop
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    Ok so say I have a group with some devices like EQ and Filter that I want to copy to another group but that other group has sounds I don’t want to overwrite. Is there a way to only copy a group’s or sound’s devices only without overwriting the other devices or pattern data?

  • ozon
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    You can save the Sound and then load it anywhere. Loading a Sound doesn’t have an impact on the Patterns.

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