Where is the list of assignments for Traktor to use with controller editor?

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Hi team,

I have recently upgraded my puter to a starship enterprise M1 MacBook Pro (Max chip 64gb ram) Cause I old and I can - absolute beast BUT

It means my Gen1 S4 doesn't work anymore :(

Now I might pony up for the s4 Mk3 at some point but in the meantime I have dug out my Kontrol F1- Using the controller manager inside Traktor I have connected effects, made a cross fader, I can use a button and one fader to (I won't use the word scratch - you couldn't call it that) move the track - all really good.

So then I am half way through putting stickers all over it to remember and I thought I will have another go using the controller editor

  • When I open it up I can connect to the F1
  • I can assign the lights and colours etc ( all good - less stickers!)
  • I can see the pads and knobs that are being interacted with and I can see the assignment that this control already has. e.g. Pad A1 - controls CC 10 in Traktor

What I don't know is where is the list of all the assignments it could control? What if I want that button to play a cue point, or active jog touch? Do you know how the get the assignment of any random function in Traktor?

Thanks for your help

have a great day




  • subtle2Fly
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    Or is this all wrong thinking? If Traktor software assigns the functions through the controller manager - then what is the controller editor for? How do I get the buttons to assign certain colours etc?


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    Controller Editor

    Do I need Controller Editor?

    Yes Controller Editor is needed to customize MIDI control assignments and templates for some NI hardware devices.

     No Controller Editor is not needed for KOMPLETE KONTROL A-SERIES, M32, and S-SERIES MK2 keyboards and TRAKTOR KONTROL S2/S4 MK3 and S3. Please see this article for more details.

     No Controller Editor is not needed if you're not using Native Instruments hardware.


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