Over 12 hours to install everything in my new Maschine+?

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That's what my calculation seems to be at this point.

This method is a little absurd for 2022, isn't it?

Hey NI, there's gotta be a better way.



  • tribepop
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    I mean how many GBs is the content? The downloading isn’t too bad in my experience but it does take a little bit of time to actually install on the SD card. I would just let it download overnight or only download what you’re interested in right now so you can start playing with your new Maschine.

  • D-One
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    Oh yes, that SD card that cames with the unit is slow as heck. Mine took a few hours, like 2-3 hours with a propper SD, I don't quite remember but i left it downloading and went about my business.

    Not sure what other solution there could be tbh, software gets updated so physical media such as USB thumb-sticks or HD's aren't really a solution since they will get outdated while the unit sits in shelfs waiting to be sold, it's also (e)wastefull and maybe even slower.

  • ozon
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    1. What is „everything“? Does that possibly include additional Expansions bought separately or included in your Komplete Kontrol license?
    2. Does the SD card offer sufficient free space for „everything“?
    3. Did you start installation of all content packages at the same time?
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