help: Kontakt 4, rescue tracks

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hi. have some old sessions with kontakt 4 tracks. factory lib instruments. recently upgraded from win 7 to 10. then frick.

support says the only option is buying a later version of kontakt. but i have my doubts about this actuality working.

offline authorization is apparently over, and that management software won't support this version of kontakt and i hear neither will windows 10 (have my doubts about that one too). i few years back i had the same issue and support solved it. can't remember how.

any ideas? thanks.



  • Simchris
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    You could roll back to your win 7 install if less than 10 days ago, i believe, if you did not make backup. Perhaps then you could open projects and print the stems to audio tracks.

  • kibble_bagder_11
    kibble_bagder_11 Member Posts: 3 Member

    that's a good idea. but i think that ship has sailed. i think i need to authorize it again and there is no way to do that i guess. maybe find someone still running windows 7 and import my tracks. ha. bit of a mispost this should have gone over in the kontakt sub. will try there. thx

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