Reactor has a read only module but do they have one that can be written to also.

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Wanted to have a midi pitch lookup table that can hold de-tuning information for each midi note. Mainly wanted it to blend with some sample piano's that are slightly out of tune or stretch tuned. It would be nice to adjust the pitch of each note played to match that of the sampler and store it in a read/write memory module. With a read only module, I have to write down the amount of detuning for each midi note in a text file and import the text file back into the rom. I'm kinda thinking you can edit values by open up the read only rom in its stored data and save it there. It's ok like that but it would be a whole lot easier to adjust the pitch and have the midi note being played also index a module and write the detuning value right into it. Can it be done?



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