Maschine+ update

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downloading now - not seen any announcements so assuming just an incremental bug-fix job.



  • nxtseq
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    Yep, changelog here:

    The locate missing samples function is great. Now I can load up old projects which were dependant on a different sample folder structure.

  • KIRI
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    ah good to know thanks - missed that, think I saw the original post date of May when scanning threads earlier and didn't bother checking the post again!

  • Flexi
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    Great stuff, I didn't think we would get any more new features, so it is great to see bug fixes still coming, again, great stuff.

  • DeepThumb
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    Why not? In music industries life cycles are much longer in comparison to PC/notebooks. So imo M+ is relatively young and I expect more.

    Akai shows how to do it.

  • Nico_NI
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    I took care of updating the thread yesterday but yeah, this May date remains the thing you see on the homepage somehow.

  • Space Cat 303
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    Oh that's cool.

    More improvements and stability.

    Thanks Ni

    The only thing I really miss for M+ to be perfect in standalone mode is the improvement in automation, with a more normal and readable system, like on MPC or Caustic on Android (which is excellent)

  • Flexi
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    Has little to nothing to do with the current situation, the NI that released the + are not the NI of now, they are now owned by VC as part of the Soundwide group, which optically are much more biased to software and content than any owner previously.

    Small bug fix updates like this may even be getting "Sneaked" out by the developer, either way, bug fix update is great when all considered, again, great stuff.

  • tribepop
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    Nice, I had no idea they pushed up a small update. It sounds like they were fixing a bunch of stuff around handling a project’s samples so maybe they are preparing to do some overhaul of the browser and project management on the M+ or these were just one off fixes. Hopefully they keep pushing stuff out because the M+ has so much potential.

  • D-One
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    Han? How is it not the same company?

    No, they're not owned by anyone... AFAIK this is not an InMusic sort of situation where NI (and the other companies) were bought out by someone else, ownership did not change and AFAIK none of the staff did either... Product owners, managers, etc are the same. It's more of a joining forces type of deal. The whole point is for each company to bring their own strengths to the table as I understood it, not all start focusing on the same thing.

    All tweaks and additions coming to M+ are software anyway... The HW is finished unless they release a new model.

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