Control remix deck samples with timecode

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I'd like to know if it's possible to control the playback of samples in remix decks with timecode.

Here is what I would like to accomplish with my current setup.

With 2 turntables controlling Deck A&B in Traktor, I'd like to be able to switch timecode control over to C (from A) and D (from B) to scratch various samples in remix decks.

I have a Kontrol X1 for managing transport for Decks A&B and I have a Kontrol F1 being shipped for managing the remix decks in C and D.

Decks A-D all have an individual channel on an external mixer so playback on A or B when controlling C and D isn't really an issue.

I'd really just like to ability to swap timecode control between track decks and remix decks.

Is this possible?

I hope I've made sense. Any and all help is much appreciated.



  • Neddac
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    Just to add to this,

    I intend to load the remix deck with various scratch samples, all 1.8 seconds long so that the start of the sample would always be at the same point in the timecodes rotation at 33rpm. Like a real skipless battle record.

    Presumably timecode would control all 4 samples at once so I would use the F1 to unmute the one sample that I want to scratch with while the other 3 play in a muted state.

    I've seen one or two videos on YouTube claiming to have achieved this but with no details on the midi mapping etc.

    Any attempts I've made to map a midi function to swap timecode control from a track deck (A/B) to a remix deck (C/D) have failed.

  • Neddac
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    This guy seems to have accomplished it by midi mapping a button to swap focus between decks A&C and B&D with another button midi mapped to enable relative mode.

    Could this be combined into 1 button press for each side?

  • Neddac
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    Okay, I think I've figured it out.

    I was missing some Input routing;

    Deck A & C inputs both have to be set to Channel 1 Left & Right

    Deck B & D inputs both have to be set to Channel 2 Left & Right

    Channel 1 and 2 being where you turntables are coming into your soundcard

    Changing focus and enabling relative mode from A to C and from B to D now works.

    I just have to tweak some things like making the remix decks samples play in continuous loops and stopping them when focus switches back to decks A or B

  • Scratch-E Con
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    I have one remix set with 64 scratch samples. I have mapped it in a way that once it is loaded in either deck A or B it will mute all other slots besides the one playing. Works pretty well.

  • Neddac
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    Does it play the samples in relative mode?

    What I mean is, if you swap over to another sample while the first has still not finished playing, does it start the next sample from the start or the same mid position as the last?

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