Why doesn't the Prophet 10 show up when connected to MIDI DIN?

Swisher Sweet
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I'm connecting the new Sequential Prophet 10 to the MASCHINE+ using DIN cables (IN to OUT and OUT to IN). MASCHINE does not recognize under Settings or Group.

But, if I use USB, it does recognize it. However, despite having the Prophet 10 selected as the MIDI input under Settings and Group, it will not receive notes. BUT, I can send notes the Prophet 10 from MASCHINE.

The Prophet 10 is configured to transmit / receive all ALL midi channels.

Any ideas on what I should check to make this work?

Also, I just bought the MASCHINE and it would appear NI does not provide support for it, which is why I guess this site exists?

Thank you.


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  • PK The DJ
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    You mention both Maschine+ and Maschine. They're not the same thing. Are you using both?

    5 pin DIN MIDI cables only carry MIDI data. They don't allow one device to recognise another, like USB.

    What makes you think NI doesn't support Maschine (or Maschine+ if that's what you meant)?

  • Swisher Sweet
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    Hi, thanks for the clarification on DIN MIDI. I'm only using MASCHINE+.

    When you go to contact NI, they don't give you but a few options for support: To ask about an order, or to transfer a license. No other support options shown, so I assume I could not ask my MIDI question above directly to NI support.

    Regarding that question, I tried both DIN MIDI and USB MIDI alone. When I used USB MIDI, I can play notes from the MASCHINE+ to the Prophet 10, but not the other way around. When using DIN MIDI, I was unable communicate in either direction. I'm sure I'm just doing something wrong.

    What I'm trying to do is setup the Phophet 10 as a MIDI controller for all my instruments, and also have the Prophet 10 also be it's own instrument. So, I may have the Prophet 10 record midi events for itself, to play back through itself, but I may also add a JU-06A as another MIDI instrument and have the Prophet 10 control that as well.

    Given what I'm trying to do, does it make sense to just use USB MIDI on the Prophet 10?

    Any ideas on why I would not be able to capture notes from the Prophet 10 using USB MIDI?

    It's worth noting that I did test the Prophet 10 with other sound modules via DIN MIDI and it does send note events out.

    Thanks again!

  • Swisher Sweet
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    Thanks @DeepThumb, I had seen these before, but it prompted me to double check my cabling and it turns out that I had one of the MIDI cables in the THRU port (doh!). I really should get some brighter lights for my studio now that I'm getting old!

  • Swisher Sweet
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    Hrmmm, seems that I wasn't going crazy after all. I know I remember having correctly hooked up the cables before (with the exception of the one blunder where I connected to the THRU port). Seems I may have a bad cable or there's a bad port (cold soldier joint) on the MACHINE+ as after I confirmed all the cables were correct connected and the settings where correct, after reseating the cable on the MACHINE+, everything started working again.

  • Swisher Sweet
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    Further update to this. Turns out that after having all teh cables connect correctly and all the settings correct, it still did not work sometimes. I had to update the firmware (not just the OS) to get it to work consistently.

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