Traktor’s Headroom in Internal Mode

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To whom it may concern,

Years ago a I talked about headroom in a forum and when NI got back to me they treated me like I was crazy asking for more headroom…right after that, they added more headroom coming up with the -12db. I felt that it was awesome for external mode but not quite as good for internal mode.

We need more headroom when mixing internally . Something like -15db, -18db, or even -20db for those that play with 4 decks.

Also, could you please bring back the headroom option when the Z2 is connected. At the moment it’s still grayed out.

Digital Sound needs headroom! Please!


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey @Baconao thanks for the feedback. We have an ideas section here. Feel free to drop your suggestions there instead. 🙂

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