Komplete 14 Pre-order



  • andalassamXX
    andalassamXX Member Posts: 51 Helper

    Both games and NI works are pre ordered, but the services after pre ordering are different.

    STEAM's games are pre ordered and they can be permanently licensed.

    What is NI's commitment? Is it a permanent license?

    Even if the game cannot be activated due to the operating system in the future,

    But I can still use the virtual machine to make the game run normally in the virtual machine. But how does NI solve this problem?

  • Lee Sexton
    Lee Sexton Member Posts: 7 Member

    Would have been nice to have pre downloaded my preorder, servers are going to collapse as per usual tomorrow, agreed there was little point in pre-ordering, there was no benefit to it for us consumers, I thought it would have preloaded, leave the last few mb of each download so it can’t run, simple……

  • marshray
    marshray Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
    edited October 2022

    Will be doing the preordered game, and will share my experience as well.

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