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M1 with Komplete 14

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on you state, that

"All Komplete 14 products will support M1 / Apple Silicon natively early in the last quarter of 2022, with the exception of REAKTOR 6 and BATTERY 4 which will follow in the beginning of 2023."

Does this mean, that, if I buy Komplete 14, I have the guaranty that I can use all modules with M1 natively by 2023? Or do I have to pay for another update then, in order to also use Reactor and Battery? Komplete 13 user will never have M1 native compatibility, right?




  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones Member Posts: 261 Pro

    If you have Reaktor 6 / Battery 4 you get the M1. It's not about having K14.

    In my case I have Kontakt from K12 so I get the M1 (already done) but don't get the new Kontakt version with the (hopefully) enhanced GUI at higher res. I still get (as far as I understand) the M1 versions of Reaktor and Battery.

    Happy to be told I'm wrong, in which case the text has confused me

  • Kubrak
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    edited September 2022

    1) I am pretty sure, you will not have to pay. And that it is pretty sure that M1 support comes even for Reaktor.

    2) Even as user of Komplete 13, 12, 11, 10, 9 you will get M1 support for those plugins that are in K14, if you have licence for the same major plugin version, for free.

  • Exclamation
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    Thanks for the answers, I will upgrade to 14 anyway do to Kontakt 7, Ozone 10 and other nice additions. Hoping the best for you, Tony, with K12, that the update to M1 is version-independent. :)

  • Nico_NI
    Nico_NI Administrator Posts: 1,125 admin

    All the compatibility updates are free. If you own the product, it will simply show up as a new update available in Native Access.

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