Kontrol s4 mk3 - muffled / no audio

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Hi fellow Traktor users.

Something weird is going on with my s4 mk3. There is no audio coming out of headphones and out of speakers it's very low and muffled (distortion for most that gets through)

I have checked:

- filters

- audio routing

- upgraded to latest version 3.6x

- uninstalled and reinstalled drivers

Was working fine in the past and I even borrowed a friend's s2 mk3 to rule out cables, audio system etc and it all works fine using same stuff plugged into same laptop (win10).

I'm stumped and have been a Traktor and NI controller user for well over a decade 😞

Could something be wrong with the audio interface? Is there some way to flash the firmware to another version and see if that helps ? (Am already on latest version posted on NI site)




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    So you used another S2 MK3 on the Laptop you are working with??? and the audio is working??

    if you want to determine if the issue is with your Traktor controller... test your Traktor controller on your friends system

    thats the simplest method if you are able to carry out that test..

    if not.... then you are going to have to assume your controller is still in working order... and do multiple tests...

    driver tests/Asio test/OS tests and any other tests you can think of to exhaust all other possibilities..

    the quicker way of course is to determine if the controller has an issue or not!! eliminate that possibility then you know the problem can be resolved or not!!

    (no point in providing any more help... if your Controller is broken!!)


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    Just a quick update in case it helps anyone else.

    I think i have isolated this issue to the power supply - I noticed that the jog wheels were not spinning when in TT mode either and this was also consistent to no audio coming out of outputs and headphones. Sometimes i can get it to work and other times not after unplugging/plugging from wall socket. All other functions work fine in terms of control/lights etc.

    I have ordered another power supply which should hopefully confirm my suspicians.

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    Ok got new power supply today and problem is fixed.

    Hopefully this helps someone else

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