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Hi there!

I’m a Traktor user since quite a lot (2008) and very excited for all the new things that are about to come. Since the popularization of track separation AIs, one of the things i’m really into is STEM djing, as long as i can make my own stem files of popular music. And that’s why i’m so happy the Ozone RX algorithm integration is on the feature roadmap for the software.

The point is since i’m into the STEM djing thing, and now that the AI developement make many people thing that now is the right moment for it, i found that both Kontrol S8 and D2 are discontinued. So i managed to get some secondhand gear, but i’m concerned about this hardware starting to fail, as i use it a lot (4 days a week) and it is not new (we all know about the planned obsolescence timings for the electronic stuff…).

Then here’s my question: i don’t know if it’s a good idea invest some money to get some more pieces of hardware secondhand just in case one of my D2s got broken, or maybe just expect Native Instruments is gonna release new STEM orientated hardware in a short-mid term.

Maybe a hardware feature roadmap would help a lot of loyal traktor users who might be at the same point.




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    If your question is if it is a good idea to invest money into second hand D2's, then my answer is yes. I may be wrong but i have to say that i feel much better having an extra set sitting on my shelf.

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    I have been on the hunt for a pair of D2’s myself. They are extremely hard to come by now. I wish NI were still making them.

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