Have you also issues with the timecode in relative Mode?

I have a very specific question for everyone who doesn't have a CDJ, turntable and/or HID controller and still wants to use timecode. Like the Denon players for example.

Most new media players no longer have a CD slot. So there is no other option than to transfer the timecode CD as an aif file to the media player in order to be able to use timecode at all. As far as I know, NI doesn't offer any way to download the timecode, which I think is a shame when you look at the competition.

I would like to know if you did it too? Bought the timecode CD mk2. CD then copied to hard drive. So 1:1 digital image created.

I now have the problem that when I start the timecode, Traktor scratch 3 plays the title at exactly the same second as the timecode plays. (Absolute mode). However, when I switch to "relative mode", Traktor doesn't ignore the exact play position of the timecode. Example (Absolute mode) Timecode starts at second 0, the track in Traktor also starts at second 0. Now I stop the timecode at minute 1, the track also stops at minute 1. I fast forward the timecode to minute 2 and start there again the timecode. The track now also starts at minute 2.

So far so good.

Now the example in (relative mode): Timecode starts again at second 0. The track also starts at second 0. I stop the timecode at minute 1 again. The track also stops exactly at minute 1. Now I fast-forward the time code to minute 2 and then play the time code again. The track also jumps back to minute 2 and plays from there.

In fact, in "relative mode" Traktor shouldn't take the exact timecode position into account. So timecode stops at minute 1. Track also stops exactly at minute 1. Timecode is fast-forwarded to minute 2 and played again. The track should now continue at minute 1.

But it doesn't, but jumps to the same minute where the time code is now.

Does anyone know this problem? Or has a solution for this?

I am already grateful to you all for the feedback.


  • Uwe303
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    I'm not the great traktor expert but for me this behavior sounds normal, if you use fast forward it if course fast forwards in relative mode too. Try your experiment in relative mode starting not from sero, instead start from minute one, then the behavior should be shifted by one minute.

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