Universal app implication for Traktor Pro 3

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Traktor DJ 2 was a universal app will Traktor Pro 3 be updated to the same status as a universal app like Traktor DJ 2? My reason for asking this question is in Rekordbox DJ you get a mobile strip down for Carry your library anywhere

Access your latest rekordbox library via your smartphone. The auto-sync feature using Dropbox* and manual sync feature via Wi-Fi mean your library stays up-to-date with tracks and metadata such as playlists, cue points, and grid information.



  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Demus it is not currently on our immediate roadmap unfortunately.

  • skymakai
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    It sure was nice when we briefly were able to set cues and grids on mobile and sync via iCloud/Dropbox. I want to be able to do that again.

  • DJDL
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    Having a cloud based library with a simple to use auto-sync between devices so that you could prepare playlists, tag songs and organize stuff on an iPad or iPhone would definitely be a super sweet feature to have.

    It doesn't even have to be a full featured version, just a preview/editing module.

    Perhaps some sort of mirror image of your collection, so that your whole library does not have to reside on the cloud, just the collection info so that it could be edited and then synced back to your computer. And if needed, individual tracks could be cued and played upon request on the mobile device for prelistening and setting up cue points. Even a lower resolution of the track (for bandwidth purposes) could work, but I dunno if this is a reasonably easy technical feat to achieve.

    I sure would love being able to put in some work into my huge backlog or preparation to-do list anywhere and without my computer. Productivity would get an immeasurable boost!

  • Kubrak
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    The best would be if Apple ported MacOS to iPads. There is no technological reason for maintaning the product segmentation.

    For example Microsoft Surface Plus, which is something more or less comparable to iPad, runs full blown Windows and one may use on it any SW like on notebook/PC. The same could be possible, if Apple removes unnecesary product segmentation....

  • TEHK
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    If Traktor Pro 3 was completely ported to M1/M2 cpu's... would it be too much of a stretch to use the same codebase so that it can run on an M2 iPad ? Serious question, I'm not an iOS developer but would <3 to see this happen!

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