Maschine+: Low volume when using headphones.

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Hi guys:

One problem/questions regarding using headphones: The volume of most of the one-shots (drum kicks) are very low compared to other instruments. Do you recognize the problem? Does i require new (better) headphones?

In Maschine 2 the volume of the respective sounds are similar.

Thx in advance


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  • ozon
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    Never heard of that. When does it happen for you? Can you name some Samples and Sounds as reference? Does it also happen when using fixed velocity?

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    Hhhmm we need to rule out velocity settings so check your actual velocity levels for the events and see if they are at least at 100, if not try cranking them up to 127. I also assume you have the fixed velocity button enabled on the controller so you’re getting consistent velocity input?

    I found out (the hard way) that if you use the step sequencer function on the controller and change the velocity level for the steps it will default to that velocity level when you switch back to pad or keyboard mode. So if you changed it from the default (which is 100 I think) then that could be why they’re playing at a lower volume.

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    @BenFlour You never got back, so I'll close this post. If you still need assistance, please get in touch here:

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