Feature Request: VC76 or Supercharger GT for Maschine Plus

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hi ni, i would really apreciate it if you could enable support on maschine+ for vc76 or supercharger gt as the onboard compressor doesnt really cut it for me. i know there are probably performance related issues with some of the komplete sample librarys but the vst fx suite would be a really nice edition to those of us that own komplete (choral, driver, bite, freek, rc24, etc)

will it be likely that these are ever supported?


  • Flexi
    Flexi Member Posts: 366 Pro

    Rumour has it that all the NI VST effects have been ported a long time ago, they just dont have permission from the overlords to release them.

    Venture capitalists live in a different plane of existence to everybody else, so we may never see them even if the work has been done.

  • enz0
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    Where did you see that info? 👀

    i can definitely imagine the business leaders scheming on a way to monetize the M+ plugins 🙄

    If true this is highly disappointing. If anything, early M+ adopters deserve some sort of compensation for spending so much money on a buggy (to this day) product.

    The worst part is that the M+ is soooo close to being the perfect groove box. The streamlined workflow is undeniable. I’m sure those 2 reasons have people holding onto it still despite its issues. I get it though; NI has lots more products to support, and probably more profitable initiatives to push. However i do think a few improvements to the plus can generate a massive ROI because the general online consensus (from what I’ve seen) of the M+ not being worth it would die down, and potentially reverse into a positive

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