How does dBpoweramp work with Traktor Collection?

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How does the Traktor Collection interact with dBpoweramp?

'cos I'm seeing some funny behaviour since installing dBpoweramp...



  • djsubculture
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    Did you scan your Traktor library with dBpoweramp?

    I've used dBpoweramp for years, but I always do my file tagging and renaming before I import my music files into Traktor. Saves on a lot of headaches that way.

  • Patch
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    No - I don't think I did.

    I think I accidentally had dBpoweramp able to connect to the internet. I've disabled that now...

    But yeah - I always do all of my tagging and renaming prior to importing tracks. I use MP3Tag for that. 👌

  • Patch
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    The funny behavior was - new tags magically appearing in my Traktor Collection, but, when I dragged the file into MP3Tag and checked the extended tags, there was no additional info in there?

    But, if I right clicked on the file and looked in the ID-Tag tab (dBpoweramp shell), those tags were showing up...?

    Really got me baffled.

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