Battery Update in K14?

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Are we getting the Apple M1 and Vst3 update for Battery with Komplete 14?


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  • Jojo123
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    M1 native support for Battery is said to come early next year.

  • Nico_NI
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    As @Jojo123 said, Battery 4 will be updated to M1 in early 2023. Check out our full estimated timeline below 👇

    Regarding VST3, this is still an ongoing work but we seem to be pretty much on track. We look forward to share more details on this soon. In the meantime, check out our dedicated VST3 update page:

  • ozan
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    Thank You Nico!

  • RobertDorn
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    Battery seems really left behind with product development. The last 'significant update' only caused your search results to be dismissed/reset every time you close the plugin window, which is reallyyyy annoying. I use battery4 in every session, and it's a pity that it will only be made silicon native as very last-in-chain of all the Native Instrument software products.

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