New Komplete collector edition vs Upgrade from Komplete 13 collector edition

François Chavalle
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Hello dears,

I might be wrong but i tend to see a difference between a new purchase of KOMPLETE 14 collector edition and an upgrade to it from KOMPLETE 13 collector edition, which i own.

Indeed, on NI site, when comparing what a new customer gets when going directly to this high level version, vs what i would get if i may for the upgrade from KKCE 13, the new customer gets all the new stuffs (incl ignition keys and Electric guitar Mint + other stuffs) where the upgrade only allows access to part of the novelties

I might be wrong, but i want to be sure of it before potentially go for the upgrade.

In other marketing words, is it a get action instead of a keep action, when new customers would get more advantages than existing ones

Thx for yoru lights




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