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Over on the VI-control forum, user Flaneurette compiled pretty much everything Big Bob had on his website. This includes the - evidently CRUCIAL - math library without which your beautiful custom labels and amazing voicing controls aren't going to be doing much of anything.


I'm also including just the zip archive of BB's math library (v702) right here in this post.


Majority of Big Bob's math library is deprecated since Kontakt 5.6 since it got floating point variables and proper math functions. There is another library out there that utilizes these new math functions to an even greater extent, like Davide Magni's Koala library. It also rewrites some functions from Big Bob's library with these new math functions, making them more efficient. Highly recommended!



Also, since Nils hasn't been updating his KScript editor in quite a while, here is what's replacing it now:


You will also need Sublime Text 3/4 text editor to use this with.

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