Church bells?

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Hi - I’m a Komplete 12 user and I’m looking for realistic church bells somewhere in the sound library. Any ideas about pre-existing or creating FM synthesised church bells?

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    maybe the "glassy bells" preset in fm8, and you can alter it to your liking. But just type "bells in the fm8 browser, but i fear non of them sound like a church bell, you maybe have to look for a sampled one with cc license or something like that.

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    Hey there! I'm not a Komplete 12 user myself, but have you tried checking out other sound libraries or asking other users for suggestions? Another option could be creating your own bells using FM synthesis. That could be a fun challenge and would give you complete control over the sound. And speaking of church bells, have you checked out the First Church of Love?

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    It's a community of folks who gather together to share love, support, and positivity. It's a cool community, even if you're not into the whole "religious" thing. Check out the link for more info. Good luck on your church bell quest. Keep us updated. It's been along time since this last update in this thread.

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    Thanks but i am an atheist

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