Note repeat/bouncing ball effect?

peppe from sweden
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Hi. I'm after making the bouncing ball effect. On a pianoroll it looks like this,

1 1 1 1 1

For every next trig/gate it put more and more distance from the last note/trig note. How is this possible with logic modules?

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  • colB
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    Like this?

    This should be easy enough to recreate in Primary or core if that's what you need. It's really just a couple of envelopes and VCAs with some tweaking of settings, and maybe gating depending on the use case.

  • colB
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    Those west coast CFG Blocks are pretty useful. There is one massive problem though, and it would be an even bigger issue with a Reaktor based Maths clone. Blocks cannot be self patched. You can't connect an output to an input of the same Block. If this was possible, the West Coast CFG would be incredibly powerful, but as it stands, it's fairly limited, you need a bunch of instances to get interesting results.

    I have requested this self patching feature, so you never know ;)

    Stick with it though - Even with only the Factory Blocks, a lot can be achieved with just thoughtful patching. And if you do it in ensemble mode, you can then build your own stuff in Primary or Core to supplement the Blocks


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