Things you look forward to in fall 2022 🍂

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Time to get back to business! September is here and fall is silently taking over summer.

That means exciting things to look forward to. Be it product releases, keynotes, new hardware or album releases, it's that time of the year where everyone in the music industry are revealing their plans for the final part of the year.

We're genuinely curious to hear what YOU are anticipating the most this season and why.

Let's get together and share in the comments what you're getting ready for or what you'd love to see happening 👇



  • Kubrak
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    Komplete 14 together with Apple Silicon native support and VST3 - in month or so. I expect few current applications will get major version upgrade. (I am curious, if NI has managed make Reaktor AS compatible...)


    Maschine MK4 might come, also new keyboards. And Traktor HW needs refreshment... M+ MK2, not sure, I would expect it next year... But it depends, when Maschine 3.0 comes....


    I would love Maschine Jam replacement (or sort of expansion module to MK3), but I am affraid it will not come. :-(

    I would love expansion module to MK3 to make it Studiolike. Doubt it will come. :-(

  • Monochrome
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    For me, it's waiting for the Komplete 14 release and seeing what it brings new to the table!

    Oh, and the release of ONEUS new mini album in 3 days 🙂

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    For me

    New albums by Oren Ambarchi, Sarah Davachi, Brian Eno, and Rival Consoles

    and maybe Unsound Festival in Kraków


    Resident Evil Village Winters' Expansion in October

  • Anomus1
    Anomus1 Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Hoping for Apple Silicone Native Support as well as VST3 for all plug-ins.

    Continued updates, software development and instrument plug-ins for for Maschine+.

    Specifically, I’d like to see:

    1) Real audio tracks implemented for Maschine software and for Maschine+ in stand-alone mode. Similar to the 8 audio tracks Akai offers in the MPC’s.

    2) More instruments ported over to the Maschine+ for stand-alone usage.

  • Eric Rabb
    Eric Rabb Member Posts: 21 Member

    I’ve been praying for you guys to implement a “recordable performance mode”. Make it easy to mute audio/midi tracks in ideas or song view, also enhancements to piano roll to enable an “overlay” of 2 or more tracks like in the popular daw Fruity Loops, to enable quick editing so as to keeping notes in key vs. an overlaid track. Also I’d love to be able to hear “notes” when moving single notes with cursor/pointer on piano roll. VST3 support from 3rd party plugin vendors for use in Maschine. For the hardware, want to be able to use Maschine keyboard with a Studio or MK3 hardware controller, and to be able to seamlessly move between either controller. Bigger screens on hardware controllers (touch screens wouldn’t hurt either!)

  • chk071
    chk071 Member Posts: 257 Advisor

    An update for Massive X which finally makes full automation of tha parameters available for the DAW.

  • LoveEnigma
    LoveEnigma Member Posts: 72 Helper

    Komplete 14.

    Resizable GUI for plugins that don't have it yet, especially all the Reaktor based synths and hopefully Massive, FM8, Absynth 5.

    All Reaktor based synths as standalone products, like Super 8.

    VST3 for all products would be nice.

  • chk071
    chk071 Member Posts: 257 Advisor
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    @LoveEnigma I have a feeling that you might be disappointed with Komplete 14. At least in regards of your wishes. I don't think that they will all be updated, and every Reaktor based synth released as a standalone. Seems like a gigantic amount of work for such a short period of time.

  • LoveEnigma
    LoveEnigma Member Posts: 72 Helper

    Well, there's nothing wrong in wishing. And I understand that not everything I have mentioned will/can be in Komplete 14. I just thought to mention what I want to see in general. :)

    I will be happy with just Komplete 14 and whatever new things we will get (apart from the products we already know since K13).

  • nightjar
    nightjar Member Posts: 846 Guru
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    K14CE with every interim NI product included.

    And a tiered subscription option to keep it current with all future new content:

    • Newcomers who own zero Komplete products can sub to it ALL for a high price.

    • Current owners of some Komplete products can sub to it ALL for a medium price.

    • Current owners of a LOT of Komplete products can sub to it ALL (to access emerging new stuff) for a low price.

    And in addition:

    •Newcomers can sub to a small portion of Komplete products for a low price. (this already exists, but needs improvement)

    •Newcomers can sub to a medium portion of Komplete products for a medium price.

  • djadidai
    djadidai Member Posts: 271 Pro

    *Less Win vs Mac debates.

  • The P.O.T.Y
    The P.O.T.Y Member Posts: 35 Member

    An improvement to "seamless integration between MK3 and Komplete Kontrol controller in Maschine 2. Same Smart Play in Maschine 2 as Komplete Kontrol. Time Line or Linear Audio Editing in Audio Module, its a lil bothering when you drop loop first then want to chop. Leaving the Sampler-Slice-Drag&drop-Audio process the only way. When most people drop a sample/loop manipulation is first but in Maschine 2 the Sampler can revert back to Audio Module prior settings but you really can only just use another Sound after Slice'n. Pop-Out window for Ideas, Mixer, Arranger. Also keep plug-in on screen button like Pro Tools. Improvements on MIDI between Mk3 and Komplete Kontrol Keyboard, using the keyboard will import notes out of scale but will only playback scaled note.

  • abnegative
    abnegative Member Posts: 52 Helper

    1) Vector GUIs

    2) Maschine MK3 custom chord sets

    3) Native Apple Silicon

  • LoveEnigma
    LoveEnigma Member Posts: 72 Helper

    Yeah, forgot to mention about Komplete Kontrol software. I wonder if Komplete Kontrol 3.0 is in works!

    • Possibility to layer instruments in one instance (and process the layered instruments together with effects). Please don't tell me about loading multiple instances of KK!
    • Regarding search, currently the search works to show presets based on the text entered, but it would be nice to have a possibility to search with product names such that they appear in the search list with their thumbnails instead of seeing everything as a filtered list of presets, because sometimes you want to filter products and then choose presets from one.
    • Option to clear the loaded instrument/effects.
    • A stop button to stop audio previews of long samples in the browser, especially applicable for loops. I know we can disable the preview button and enable it back, but that's not the ideal way IMO.

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