Crashed Validation or Not Authorised in Logic

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Hi guys,

I'm a very frustrated new user with NI products...have invested heavily in Komplete Kontrol but having massive stability issues with Logic, running an M1 Mac. KK was running fine but has now decided to crash AU validation or show as not authorised. Have deleted and reinstalled but same issue...any ideas?


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    as far as i know not all plugins are supported yet on m1, you have to open your DAW with rosetta in order to get all plugins to work. Apple Silicon (M1) Compatibility News – Native Instruments (


  • ANG67
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    Hi Uwe,

    I've been using Rosetta...the issue seemed to be solved by re-scanning the plug ins in plug in manager but even that was hit and miss.

    Are you guys working on sorting M1 chip-related bugs?


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    Of course they are, but there is a lot to work through and the sped at which NI devs work has always been known to be rather slow paced.

    Part the issue is users expecting Apple products in this day are the same as they were 20 years ago... Apple is no longer the stable and reliable "go to" OS it once was. Constant pushes forward with little care to compatibility pushing the onus onto developers means any user that adopts ANY new tech from Apple will potentially have a bad run within the first 6-12 months as this is how long it can take for things to be properly tested and updated providing Apple doesn't then release one of their popular patches shortly after. It is bad enough with a new OS release, much more involved when there is both a new OS release and new hardware architecture to manage over dozens of hardware and software products.

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