I can't listen to my guitar on guitar rig 5

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I got guitar rig 5 and asio4all driver, mi guitar is connected with a guitar plug thru a mp3 cable, but I got a laptop where it works, but in this PC doesn't work, the cable is connected on line not mic.

the bars are moving so the sounds is working but I cannot hear it, why?

I thought that maybe the systems sounds could interfer



  • Blindeddie
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    what does the routing --> output tab look like?

  • Ben Decho
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    Hi, I'm not an expert, but had my own share of problems when I first started using Guitar Rig.

    To me, it looks like GR is using your computer's mic input for where you guitar is attached. I'm not sure if you have your guitar plugged into your computer this way, but if you don't, this is your problem.

    I have an old Peavey Xport USB interface. My guitar plugs into it, my headphones too, and that into my computer. Just make sure where it says "Device" that you choose the correct input from the drop menu to the right of "ASIO Config".

    My input settings reflect as such:

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