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How to record/stream Guitar Rig audio with Stream Labs OBS ?

RubenLaden Member Posts: 7 Sine

Hey !

I'm back again with a new question ; I would like to record and stream the audio from Guitar Rig in OBS but even after a lot of researches and downloading a lot of ***** useless software I can't manage to find a way to it.

My dream would be I could just select Guitar Rig in the audio output capture in OBS, I don't know if that makes my question more clear, tell me if you don't understand my question.

Thanks !


  • PK The DJ
    PK The DJ Member Posts: 377 Saw

    Start by providing some useful information, such as are you using a Mac or PC?

    Which version of Guitar Rig?

    Are you running it standalone or in Komplete Kontrol?

    When you say OBS, do you mean Streamlabs OBS or OBS Studio?

    What "useless software" did you download and why?

  • RubenLaden
    RubenLaden Member Posts: 7 Sine
    edited August 2022


    I am using Streamlabs OBS on PC and Guitar Rig 6 in standalone.

    I have downloaded Ableton Live 11, Maschine 2, Voicemeeter, Virtual Audio Cable and Asio Link Pro.

    Because I only know very little things about what I am doing, I can't really tell you why I have downloaded all of these, I just followed some tutorials I found. (And by useless software, I mean useless for what I'm trying to do and how I'm trying to do it)

    Thanks !

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