How to improve bluetooth headphone audio quality

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I know traktor is 'not designed' for this.

And it could cause crashing as said in the suggested articles.

But does this not seem something fixble in 2022?

I have a pioneer HDJ-X5BT. the audio quality is horrible when playing traktor and all other sources are good. Does not make sence.

Would be great for me being able to listen to my music on traktor whilest doing other chores and preparing.

I work on a macbook pro , there should be some kind of plug in i recon?

Any tips and tricks? The old thread has been closed but it seems something fixble this day and age.



  • JesterMgee
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    Sometimes the laws of physics can prevent what otherwise seems like a solvable solution even "in this day and age" :)

    One thing to first understand is the difference in how applications stream and process audio and the difference between "real time" and "non real time" processing

    Have you even linked Bluetooth up to a car stereo for instance then tried to watch a video on your phone while listening through the stereo speakers? Sometimes the audio and video can be WAY out of whack by a few seconds.

    Bluetooth is a pretty rudimentary solution for sending data and it's not all that high-speed or reliable. In order to get a decent level of quality the audio has to be buffered and sent in packets which of course causes delay.

    When you use a "non real time" application such as Youtube, iTunes or anything like this what happens is everything in the application will be delayed for a second so that processing can happen in the backghround and you never really notice because you don't interact with things tho you may note when you press pause ir can take a second to stop and start.

    Something like Traktor (which is essentially a simple little DAW) has to display live waveforms and react to live user input so needs the audio and visuals to be as close to real-time as possible meaning the audio pipe needs to have the lowest buffers and limitations as possible, hence why a dedicated interface is always recommended because it can do that work better than inbuilt interface.

    The reason BT possibly sounds garbage is because the software gets fed up waiting 6 weeks while BT tries to deliver a signal and instead forces it to lower the buffer and deal with a degraded output.

    It's what happens when you try and pair "pro audio" and "consumer" products together.

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    I have the same headphones. I use it wired when DJing and use it on BT while commuting and listening to music or watching YouTube. I have zero issues.

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