K6 mismatched sample rates from same sample pool

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Building out an instrument today, I noticed that one set of samples is playing ~1 semitone different than all the others. I've seen screwiness between Kontakt's sample rate and the system/DAW sample rate before (though my current issue is in standalone K6, not a DAW) but I've never seen *individual zones* playing back differently.

Went back to the original samples folder and previewed files in OS X; turns out that one sample zone in K6 is the only one actually in tune (or at least, matching the sample rate in OS X); all the others are ~1 semitone higher. Usually this indicates a problem between 44.1 and 48 sample rates. My samples are all 48kHz and checked that K6 is at 48kHz.

Using a Focusrite Scarlett Gen 2 (and never had issues like this). I also used the "Reload all samples" option, no change.

What's going on? I manually imported all the samples at the same time.



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    ...I re-added the samples for just the "in tune" zones and now Kontakt is playing back all the zones the same—that is, differently from the system sample rate. Gonna restart the Mac and see if that fixes it.

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    Restart, no change.

    I checked the pitch of these samples in an audio editor; the system is playing them correctly. I also tried loading the instrument in Logic, being sure to set the project sample rate at 48kHz. Made no difference.

    I saved one of the samples as 44.1/16 and tested it in back in standalone Kontakt 6; plays at the same pitch as all the 48/24 samples.

    I also checked the instrument and code to make sure that there wasn't something bumping the pitch up a semitone; didn't find anything.

    Lastly: I disconnected the Focusrite Scarlett and used the system audio output to the headphone jack; exact same behavior.

    Very puzzled here.

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    Found it! (and if it seems like I'm talking to myself here...it's because I am)

    Squirreled away in a function, I had left a line of test code that was adjusting the pitch. Doh. Have been working with percussion samples and didn't catch the problem until I used pitched samples.

    Check. Your. Code. (and use the bypass switch!)


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