How to deselect Group-Channels in Mixer on Maschine +

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Hi together,

after importing a project from Maschine into Maschine+ it is not possible to use the mixer correctly, because all group-channels are selected (in mixer group-view).

My question is, how can I deselect all channels? Now change the volumes of all channels (groups) by move the encoder of one channel.

I don't mean the sounds of one group. These selections I can manage with the select-button (all, none, multi).

But I can't deselect the channels if I move to the groups-view of the mixer. There are all groups selected. :-/

Greatings from Berlin,


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  • Manfred
    Manfred Member Posts: 2 Member
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    Ok, I found the solution: All groups were selected. This is possible by clicking select-button + group-button.

    Thx for reading.



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