Plug-in can not be opened and crashes the project

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every time i want to open any Plugin from Komplete13 it shows me the notice you can see in the picture. It says "Plug-in can not be loaded..." an "Plug-in can not be opened..."

So this is not enough, after deleting the plugin from the one track, most of the other tracks do not work properly, too.

I´m working with a MBP with a M1 Pro Chip and have all my systems on the current updates.

So maybe someone could help me out? Ableton Support cant help me.

Thank you in advance and all the best wishes!

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    SInce our plug-ins are not all natively compatible with M1 processors you should run Ableton in Rosetta mode: How to Open Your DAW Using Rosetta

    Also check that Ableton has Full Disk Access: How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS

    Or are you running it in Rosetta mode and still get these error messages?

  • an_alien
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    @Jeremy_NI I thank you so much! This worked! Big fat THANK YOU! Now it runs!

    So even if this is another topic but I asked this so many times in different places and no one can help me out, maybe you also could help me with this one? -> When I open my project and let it run for the first time at the day, my bass guitar seems to have to learn the song from scratch, every time. It sounds horrobly when it plays. It does not hit the timing and looses some notes. It sounds like the musician has to warm up first, and on the second rund it plays perfectly. But the CPU is not used very hard or something. Do you know what this could be? Or should I open a new Question for this?

    Thank you in advance and all the best whishes!


  • Jeremy_NI
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    @an_alien Glad that it works now. About the Bass guitar, what instrument is it? A virtual instrument ? A NI one? Or is it recorded audio ?

  • an_alien
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    Thank you for your anwer @Jeremy_NI !

    Sorry: the bass guitar is a midi-track and the midi triggers NI´s Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass from Komplete13. It are not so many notes and the cpu is not under much load, as you can see on the pics.

    When i freeze the track it shows the same problem: the notes are not played properly and it sounds like a very bad bass-player trys to play the song. When i let run the song one time, on the second run it playes perfectly.

    Maybe you can help me out. Thank you in advance!


  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI Customer Care Posts: 8,833 mod

    @an_alien Is it a Kontakt track ? A Komplete Kontrol track ?

    Make sure to give Full Disk Access to Ableton, Kontakt and Komplete Kontrol. If the issue persists, could you post an audio example of the issue?

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