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I'm sure this must have been discussed here, at some point. But, why is there no 37 key controller? All of the other major manufacturers have them, why not NI? Anyway, I'll be using the M32 in the meantime. I already have a 73 key Korg Nautilus, and a 61 key Yamaha PSR-E373 all very capable to be used as controllers, surprisingly even the PSR works fine, but I think an M37 or even an A37 would be a great small size controller.

Just Saying!



  • Doc.Aux
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    I agree, what I'd really love would be a range of keyboards with Maschine pads built in.

  • Amoon
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    Nothing yet...

    I want my M37 with regular size keys ;)

  • mykejb
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    Personally I'd like to go the opposite direction - dump the keys and create a NKS controller that I can sit on my desk. Similar to the old Novation SL Zero units. That way I can use an existing keyboard controller. OK, it'd miss out on the keyboard lights but they're not essential for me.

    -- Mike

  • kberghoffer
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    I am in, absolutely good idea: +1

  • mykejb
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    Oh, and add an X-Y joystick like you get on the Korg Kronos and some other keyboards!

    -- Mike

  • Ojustaboo
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    Personally I would like an 88 with synth keys

  • iNate
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    They want you to buy more of their hardware. Komplete Kontrol (A/M/S Series) + Maschine (Mikro/MK3/Plus).

    That's their strategy.

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