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Hi all

I'm creating a very basic module in primary that looks at an incoming clock or trigger input and randomly skips triggers depending on a knob. It's loosely based on this.

The input is coming from a blocks clock module, I'm converting that to an event in order to trigger the Randomizer module. That's rectified then compared to the clock and out puts a trigger. Works largely as expected except two problems.

One the "random skips" knob creates an artefact similar to zipping when adjusted. Audio/Event smoothers don't correct the issue.

Secondly, at full clockwise, I get some skips, but I want more! Would anyone mind taking a look at this and tell me if there are similar solutions that don't involve Core?



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    I've realised why this is stupid and not doing what I want it to - the knob is just telling the randomizer to work or not, it's not controlling how much random skipping is happening.

    I need to get back to the drawing board I think!

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