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Absynth presets from earlier versions available?

bill5 Member Posts: 11 Sine
edited August 31 in Massive X & Synths

Years ago someone had Absynth and I was fortunate to be introduced to it then, and spent many hours testing and documenting the presets. Fast forward this year and I found it on sale for an insane price and snapped it up. But some of the presets I found and liked then aren't in this version. ?? Odd because it appears to have presets from earlier versions (and I'm 99% sure the older version was 5.X). Anyone know how I can get them?



  • Kaiwan_NI
    Kaiwan_NI BerlinAdministrator Posts: 1,599 admin

    Is this by any chance what you're looking for? Does anyone still have an Absynth 2 sound bank?

  • bill5
    bill5 Member Posts: 11 Sine
    edited September 3

    Appreciate it, but that link doesn't work. The page it takes me to says "you must log in," but I'm already logged in, and when I click the "Log in" button, nothing happens.

  • Paule
    Paule BerlinMember Posts: 605 Saw

    I got them all from the Blindeddie Link. Thanks Kaiwan.

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