Odd behavior in copy made form K6 instrument

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(I mistakenly posted this elsewhere before I noticed the scripting forum link...tho that post seems to have vanished)

I had began creation of a new K6 instrument using Creator Tools which started with creating a performance view file. But I ended up going back to Sublime+KSP pretty much right away. The first instrument worked fine but after I made a copy of it to then customize, I started encountering missing images after compression etc. The new instrument threw an error on the load_performance_view("default")line and didn't load any UI images. So I removed that line of code along with the folder and re-compressed/saved. This time, the instrument wouldn't load switch images and placed a "new" instrument icon where there was just empty space before (I was using the background image there).

Is the perf view file storing something I don't know about? It seems to be the culprit here.

Anyone encountered this? I had expected that creating multiple new instruments from a template would be a cakewalk. Out of ideas on this.


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    Huh...get this:

    If I copy the compressed/re-saved instrument folder to the Mac's hard drive, it opens no problem. But if it launches from the same external SSD where my (renamed) development folders are, I get the image errors.

    So even if it's a (likely) permissions issue, why does the .nki load fine in the dev folder but not in the instruments folder on the same SSD? Whuuut.

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