Bug : Maschine plus froze while trying to save a group

S Righteous
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I'm all up to date in terms of Firmware, Software etc.

System = 1.4.03

Maschine = 2.15.1

Firmware = 0.1.9

I was trying to save a group. When I got into the screen to rename it, the backspace and space buttons worked, but the 4d encoder did not work, could not add characters, or move around the characters. The Cancel and Enter buttons also non-responsive. My project was clocking around 60% CPU usage.



  • S Righteous
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    Additional notes: This freeze happened in standalone.

    I was able to get out of this mode because some buttons worked, some did not. For example the Pad Mode button would not work, but some other buttons did. I could get into a mode which showed my kit pads on the right, but not the groups - and could not select groups and could not select any sound, it was stuck on one sound.

    So I went to Storage, which took about a minute to kick in - and started saving my work on my computer.

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    Please submit an official Bug Report. Try to get the logs from the SD card before you experience any further crashes.

    @Matt_NI @Nico @Kaiwan_NI this seems like something the Devs should look into. Please advise.

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    We need to take a closer look at this. Our support team will get back to you by email @S Righteous

  • S Righteous
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    I didn't find this email, but found a different one for which I already found a solution.

    How do I get the Logs from the SD card? What is that file named?

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