im guessing this is possible,,, syncing "play" on deck A & C ??

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i've managed to sync up X2 Reaper projects with Maschine standalone & Traktor S4 mk1 to all run in sync using midi..(Reaper as the Master)

on one Reaper project tab i have all my looped samples(all 256).. kicking in when i need them to..

on the other Reaper project tab... i have a separate project mainly for FX... to route either the Samples from the sample project Tab into it...or Traktor directly into it...

As im wanting to route only parts of the stems from Traktor into the reaperFX project...

ive decided to run two instances of the same song twice(stems version)... one on deck A the other on deck C splitting the vocals&drum on Track"A" and the Bass&instrumental on Track"C" and route out to Reaper FX project tab for manipulation

so my question is.... how do i sync both the "play" of deck A&C to kick off at the same time? im a bit reluctant to experiment with things as i dont want to stuff anything up... in the current mapping :-s

any help to map a dual play A&C button would be appreciated



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