Drum computer starts not synchrous with Track Deck via Midi Clock Master

VW Türkis
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Hello everbody,

I'm trying to sync my Roland MC-707 with my Traktor Decks. But it's really **** me up :-( because the Drum Maschine doesn't start with the Kick in the Track.

I configured the Midi Clock in the Traktor settings and the tempo really matchs but when I push the Sync button at the Traktor Midi Clock section, the Drum Computer starts directly and not synchronous with the kick/bar of the track that I play in Traktor.

Can somebody tell me what is wrong? I'm slowly dispairing 




  • 6xes
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    have you tried using Loopbe??

    i linked reaper/maschine and my traktor S4 mk1 all together with reaperDAW(master) sending out the clock via LoopBe and receiving loopbe in Maschine... and loopbe set as a general midi device within traktor..

    Dont know if it will work with your setup... but its what worked for me!

  • VW Türkis
    VW Türkis Member Posts: 1 Member

    Thank you for you answer!

    But I want to use Traktor as Clock Master and my Roland as slave. Because the Drum Computer should only support me in my live sets by filling the Break Downs with some additional beats. And so Traktor muss be the Master because the tempo in my set could change.

    The thing is that the tempo is synced, but the start signal from Traktor to the Roland comes not at the beginning of the first bar, but directly when I push the play button in Traktors Midi Clock section. And also the Sync button in the Midi section restarts the Roland directly an not with the beginning of the next bar.

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