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I have downloaded a new instrument Session Guitarist Electric Mint. After downloading and installation I cannot use any instruments. Rescanning and reinstalling did not give any help. I decide to install application and instruments. Dowloading is very slow!! My connection seems to be ok. Speedtest gives about 40 Mbps.

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    what version of kontakt do you own? Maybe you have installed kontakt player, then some instruments don´t work, but native ones will work there for sure. So check the exact versions and also stand alone. In the window go to "help" then"about"

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    @JukUot Were you able to install Kontakt as well? Can you open the Electric Mint library in Kontakt ?

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    @JukUot You didn't get back to us for a while. We'll close this thread now. If you still need help, please go to:

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