Buy Komplete 13 now or wait until 14 is released?

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I've been a little restless to take the plunge with the Komplete bundle but not sure if I should buy Komplete 13 now and upgrade to 14 when it's released, or just wait until 14 is released to make the purchase and skip 13. Not sure if buying the collectors edition right now ($999 sale) would be worth it if I were to upgrade to 14 once it comes out later this year. Would I be spending that much more money to upgrade as opposed to just waiting to buy 14 for the full price? I know timelines and price points are only speculations at this point but any insight would be helpful. Thank you!


  • Tony Jones
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    You might want to wait, speculation would suggest October time for k14. I’d think long and hard about how much of the collectors edition I’d actually use.

  • Kubrak
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    If you start with music, Komplete would do. Even Komplete Select would do for a year or so..... Unless you target to symphonic music or advanced cinematic music, Ultimate CE is overkill for start. Also it is better to start with smaller bundle and limited choise. Easier not to get lost....

    If you start, I would buy K13S or K13 now. To have something for start. And if that catches you, you might upgrade in summer in sale (2023) to K14U and in summer sale (2025) to K15U CE.

    1) It takes time to learn plugins....

    2) It is economically wise sound approach.

    If you buy K13U CE now and update later this year to K14U it will cost you roughly the same or even more than if you buy K14U CE for full price. Update costs 500 EUR/USD. But you could buy K13U CE now for discounted price, if you really need it, and update in June 2023 for about 250 if the Summer Sale will be 50% as usual....

  • igorcheb
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    @Tony Jones @Kubrak Thank you so much for both of your quick responses on this, extremely helpful. Definitely see how the CE could be overkill now that I look at it a little more, and it wouldn't hurt to build up to it if necessary and avoid putting down more money in the meanwhile. Will give the timing some more thought, but really appreciate the thoughts and advice!

  • Soundof
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    I am hopeful K14 includes some of the Izotopes plugins due to the merger.

    Perhaps buy the upgrade from a third party (like thomann), but don't upgrade until K14 comes out, then a free update within the grace period to K14. I believe that's allowed.

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    If one just purchased Komplete 13 a month ago, is there a grace period for 14 -just announced?

    Steinberg does this.

  • Kubrak
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    I am not sure, but I think last time it was a month before K13 release. Not a month before anouncement of release. But I may be wrong...

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