Is G5 The Highest Note Possible in KK, i.e. Electric Sunburst Deluxe?

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I have Kontakt Komplete 13 on Windows 10

Above is a slow, often sustained guitar lead I have in Electric Sunburst Deluxe. But I have to mute anything above G5 (shown in white notes) to remind myself that those notes don't play in Kontakt. Be it this instrument or Kontakt instruments.

This is frustrating mostly for lead and other guitars for while I love the rich realistic sound of Sunburst, I'm looking at needing (not wanting) to get Musiclab's RealStrat or Les Paul for not only can one go higher (up to C7), one can also add harmonics.

I'm aware that how Kontakt instruments are created has limits on the range of available samples, etc. But is there some workaround here?

Coming up with a creative flow riff or melody in MIDI only to hit this cut-off above G5 is becoming a hassle...

Thank you for any solution.


  • Brad Yost
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    The maximum stock playable range in Electric Sunburst is shown in MidiOX as G#6.

    You may have a MIDI mapping transform happening in your DAW.

  • Soniclight
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    Thanks for input. I'll have to look into what is available in Cubase's track settings to be able to add that extra octave I am so far not getting (I get only up to G5, you say I should be able to get up to G6).

  • sailbrain
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    If you look at session guitars in Kontakt 7 the notes avilable on the keyboard go from C2 to G#5. Cubase says the same. The convention is that guitar music is played an octave lower than it is wriiten. Unlike other guitar plugins NI seems to be ignoring this. Any midi imported that uses the standard guitar clef in creation has to be raised by an octave to play on session guitar.

  • sailbrain
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    The top note on a standard accoustic guitar, let alone an electric guitar, is B5. An electric should get to D6. So when are NI going to update these instruments so that they provide the whole range?

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