is there a way to Direct Monitoring on Komplete Audio 6 MK2 outside of the daw?

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I changed a Propellerhead Balance to an Audio 6 Mk2 basically for the connectivity it has, yet I lost a feature, Direct Monitoring, Is there a way to make it possible?


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    There is a knob on the front to the left of the headphone outs. Turned all the way to the left, you get full direct input monitoring and turned all the way to the right you get full DAW/Host output. You can use that knob to get a Mix of both Direct Input and DAW output (by setting it to Center or 12 o'clock). Hope that helps.

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    @Fabalegre Unfortunately on the MK2 version there is only direct monitoring through the headphones. To get direct monitoring on the main outs / your speakers you either need a DAW or an audio router like Voicemeeter for Windows or Loopback for Mac. Here are the links:

    More details here on how to use the input monitoring of the Komplete Audio 6 MK2:

    Using the Direct Monitoring Feature on My KOMPLETE AUDIO Interface

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    On a Mac is this only possible with the loopback software ?

    Or can this also be set up with Blackhole routing software ?

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