Possibility to route internal mix ways from Traktor to other software (like a DAW)

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For example: crossfader A/B (this is, post-crossfader output) to a DAW when working in internal mix mode.

With my Z2 (and Windows), I had to route my DAW to play the reference track to USB 3/4 outputs (headphones) and set the record input to the USB 7/8 (master in), so I can hear the reference, but without mixing the scratching to the recording track in my DAW. And apply a gain of +13~14 dB each time to the recording channel because the Z2 records so low. It would be awesome to be able to avoid things like this.

Another way to tell this: to add the possibility of using Traktor for music production, but as a complement, not a whole.

Note: I know it's possible to play the reference in another audio interface on a Mac. on Windows, with ASIO, that's not possible. (And I want to avoid using RCAs, converting D/A to then A/D again)


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    Hi @Bronxio thanks for the suggestion. We now have an ideas section for Traktor Pro. Feel free to drop your suggestion there for others to vote. 🙂 This post is now closed.

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