A positive review of Maschine Plus

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Although I had a folder-question and nobody replied yet, I continued without help, trying to find out what works best for using my own 'sounds'. Although my thumb-drive wasn't showing any folders (it simply showed all sounds in alphabetical order), my SD-card was a better way to organise my sounds (User Content).

Connecting the Maschine+ in storage mode allowed me to make a folder structure. Some folders didn't show up. The content (AIF) in these folders I dropped in Adobe Media Encoder, exporting all sounds as new AIF's. I deleted the old files, and voila, after a 'rescan' in Maschine all my sounds (and invisible folders) are now available in Maschine+.

I read so many negative comments about Maschine+, that I felt the need to write something positive . I've been working with Maschine+ now for 7 days, allowing me to dive deep into all possibilities. I think it's amazing! All my own sounds pre-listen without hick-ups, Maschine is running smooth. I also connected my Novation Bass Station 2, receiving midi from Maschine and sending it's audio back into Maschine. It all works flawless, I'm really impressed!

It's amazing to have all these options available to you without the use of a computer. I'm considering buying a powerbank, simply because I would like to take this device everywhere! The idea of making music without a computer screen is something I always wanted. I changed my setup so many times, buying and selling gear, simply to find out that it's too complicated for me, spending more time on technical problems than creating music. When I wanted to continue a project I worked on the previous day, I first needed to 'activate' all other gear and select all setting on each device. This is so annoying if you're used to produce 'in the box'.

Maschine+ has made it possible for me to leave the computer screen behind and be unlimited creative wherever I want. When I load a project/song it's exactly how I left it, no need to pick presets on other devices or route audio signals through a mixer in order to hear everything.

So, yes, I'm very happy with Maschine+ !



  • PK The DJ
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    I use a Magcube 20000mAh PD 65W 2 port power bank model AOC-P007 and a "WITRN" 15V USB-C PD cable from Smart Prototyping.

  • Space Cat 303
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    I completely agree with you.

    How many times have I lost time in configurations, or settings that seemed illogical to me and slowed down my musical ideas a lot, with M+ I have the impression of finding my mc303 or jx305 but better and much more powerful and easy to understand.

    Of course, there are still a few things missing for it to be perfect, but I've never had as much pleasure and efficiency in composing as with M+.

    I also have a powerbank, it allows me to bring it everywhere, even at work...

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    Ripcord 15V cable and Xiaomi 20000mAh works for 6-7Hours in 100% CPU usage.

    Even with M32 attached.

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