Tips: Fix for getting input 3/4 audio to Main Output - Komplete Audio 6

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Hi, I was having an issue with getting the sound of my 3/4 inputs to go out of the Main Output 1/2. Found a fix for anyone looking to be able to hear say a synth, etc. they may have routed into 3/4 inputs. You don't need to go through these loopholes of having to have your DAW open and doing routing like some others have found for workarounds.

Windows 10, but I'm sure older/newer windows could do the same, maybe not the exact same process I'll be giving.

1 )Settings

2) Sound

3) (on the right hand column) Sound Control Panel

4) Recording Tab

5) Find Input 3/4 in the list (right click)

6) Properties

7) Listen Tab

8) Check the box "Listen to this Device"

And you're good to go. You'll be able to use your 1/2 output as you normally would, while also being able to use it to listen/monitor your 3/4 inputs.



  • mspielman
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    Hey, I just tried this and it's still not monitoring out through the speakers. Are you hearing your synth directly thorough your speakers with no DAW at all?

  • kostis
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    Any ideas if this is possible on MacOS?

  • Nico_NI
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    Thanks for the tip @DravenSlaven!

    Need to test on my end but maybe this could be achieved with an aggregate device on Mac.

  • GaryA
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    Can this set-up be done without a PC connected? I have powered the Konnekt-6 with a USB phone charger so I don't have to use the laptop all the time.

    If not, then will it stay set that way after PC setting then powering down?

    I had an issue of not being able to monitor 1,2 & 3,4 but found that I could get there with a long press of the select button.

    My issue now is not having inputs 3,4 go to the outputs to my powered speakers (outputs 1,2 or 3,4 would be fine)


  • amrjan
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    hey Nico any update on this? Tried myself with no success

  • Floge
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    I play guitar and I usually use inputs 1 & 2 for connecting my amp modeling hardware's output to them. Now I'm trying out input 3 and I managed to find this post and the monitoring is working but there is a noticable latency. Any idea what might be causing this? Inputs 1 & 2 are not causing any latency.

  • Ninesense
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    Found a way to direct monitor 3/4 with a software called Loopback (mac)

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