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Tips: Fix for getting input 3/4 audio to Main Output - Komplete Audio 6

DravenSlaven Member Posts: 1 Newcomer
edited August 2022 in Other Software & Hardware

Hi, I was having an issue with getting the sound of my 3/4 inputs to go out of the Main Output 1/2. Found a fix for anyone looking to be able to hear say a synth, etc. they may have routed into 3/4 inputs. You don't need to go through these loopholes of having to have your DAW open and doing routing like some others have found for workarounds.

Windows 10, but I'm sure older/newer windows could do the same, maybe not the exact same process I'll be giving.

1 )Settings

2) Sound

3) (on the right hand column) Sound Control Panel

4) Recording Tab

5) Find Input 3/4 in the list (right click)

6) Properties

7) Listen Tab

8) Check the box "Listen to this Device"

And you're good to go. You'll be able to use your 1/2 output as you normally would, while also being able to use it to listen/monitor your 3/4 inputs.



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