Isn't SoundWide missing a feature? A DAW? => Here's a crazy suggestion....

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Hi gang!

(sorry for a long post!)


I often share that digital audio is a passion of mine. The thing is: I mean that. And a passion implies emotions as well, a thing which I think matches audio quite easily because... well.. there are soundscapes within Maschine (actually... Komplete UC) which can get both my gf and me to somewhat tear up because it somehow manages to just about hit that nerve... such amazing sounds... it's hard to explain and I suppose it doesn't work on everyone but... there's a reason I got all the "lights" within Komplete (Straylight, Pharlight & Ashlight).

It's friday evening and gf and me are having fun messing about. Now, something about me... for most of the past decade I've been using Live + Reason, but ever since Reason decided to drop support for other DAW's and downgrade this towards an instrument rack only I bailed. True story: one of the main influences for me to push for Maschine & Komplete was Reason dropping the ball (= personal opinion). In the mean time FL Studio fully replaced Reason for me, but at the same time ... pushing for Komplete? Best. decision. ever. from my POV!

But that doesn't mean I stopped caring. I hardly use Reason anymore these days but it still means something to me. So... I found myself on a fan forum about Reason. Honestly: this is the forum for Reason users because "the powers that be" stopped caring about a community a long time ago (yah, harsh words).

My idea

This evening I noticed a discussion about "The future of Reason" and I couldn't help wonder...

What is the one thing that isn't included within SoundWide? It has awesome plugins & instruments, it has a whole mastering suite (BIG time Ozone fan here!) yet... where is the "glue" to bring this together I wonder?

If you ask me... Reason should consider joining SoundWide and it seems someone else quickly jumped into that idea too. That is of course assuming you guys want them ;)

My harsh opinion

The main reason I stopped using Reason was them dropping ReWire (despite this being a globally accepted protocol. ******?!!) and then not bothering to provide a comparable alternative. For months I believed that the "rack plugin" was due to technical restrictions. And then I demo'd FL Studio... "Hi there Shell, here's our full DAW + all features right within your favorite of Live, Reaper, Maschine, Reason (??)".

If you ask me SoundWide might be the only left alternative for "ReasonStudios" to stay afloat. I'm now also basing myself on this post. Gee... who could have known that they would take a steep dive after abandoning the one thing they stood for during most of the last decade?

One can dream, right?

Even despite the fact that I seriously moved on courtesy of Machine (backed by Komplete UC) as well as FL Studio (!!).. I still care about Reason. Not often, but often enough I use some of their instruments and/or players to get stuff done. Blasphemy if you will but to me: Maschine controller (midi mode) + Kong while using Live as "glue" to make it work still equals an amazing time.

Thanks for reading....

I hope this is ontopic / allowed. I suppose I am stretching it a bit but.. yah. figured this was the best place.



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    Logical DAW acquistion for Soundwide?

    Tracktion Waveform.

    It's heritage of JUCE and Soundwide's Sound Stacks.

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    Soundwide (iZotope) has a basic DAW…

    But, as usual, people in this forum is so tied to x86 tools that misses all the great DAW for iOS/iPadOS… so only when NI decide to improve iMaschine or something like that (just look at BM3 or other iOS DAWs) then NI users will say “eureka!”

    Or maybe improve M+ into recorder/DAW? Since it’s underpowered but overpriced it will perform worst than old iPhone/iPad… :facepalm:

    Props Reason? Better buy Bitwig, almost is touch friendly and Linux compatible and M1 native.

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    One thing to understand here is that SoundWide isn't just some loose collective of like-minded developers that companies can join. It's a corporation. NI and Izotope have joined through a corporate merger, and Brainworx has joined via corporate acquisition. So for Reason Studios to join the alliance would mean SoundWide buying them. This would of course require a) the current owners of Reason Studios to be willing to sell the company and b) SoundWide to be willing to buy a company that's making a loss and that seems to have an uncertain future and a shrinking customer base. Certainly they would not base such a purchase on being the only option left to keep Reason afloat.

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    Well they have experience buying shrinking companies almost… but I’m agree, oNe Is enough…

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