How to make real piano sounds with Hybrid Keys?

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I am a komplete newbie having bought the A49 just to use as input to Sibelius. However I would like to start learning how to make use of the software that came with it. The first thing I am struggling with is how to get this just to sound like a real piano. Just the basics. I have managed somehow (can't remember how) to get to this screen. What are these "Hybrid keys" and why do I have to twiddle the knobs to reset the dials every time I get here even to get it to sound half way towards a real piano without all the weird overtones (Blend AB seems to reduce the Dynamic C7 component) and stuff? Is there some way to save a default setting to go to when I plug it in and turn it on? Is there a starter guide for komplete newbies like me?

Thanks for any help anyone can provide

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