Komplete Audio 2 w/ Traktor?

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Hi all, I'm trying to put together my new setup and have some questions. I was previously using an MK1 Audio 4 and Kontrol X1 and routing into external mixers; when I upgraded my MacBook and went to the new OS, both of those pieces of hardware were bricked.

I really am not a fan of internal mixing and items like the S4, so I want to recreate my setup that I've grown very comfortable with. I plan to go with an MK2 Kontrol X1, but instead of hunting down an MK2 Audio 6 that might just get bricked again with a new OS, I am considering going with a Komplete Audio 2. My only question: does it work with Traktor for 2-channel output routing to an external mixer?


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hey @hottakejake I asked the Traktor team for you and unfortunately it's not possible. You'll need an interface with at least 4in 4out to achieve what you want. 2 channels for the left deck, 2 channels for the right.

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